Brick Moon: our virtual venue

A virtual arts venue which hosts and celebrates connection and interaction between live artists, facilitators and community groups.
Audiences can drop in and browse and also book ahead for specific events/workshops. It will house exciting digital programmes such as ‘live audio experiences’ and ‘interactive fiction’ as well as being a space for makers, writers and artists, who wish to focus on process rather than product.

A first of its kind platform, this space introduces a level of accessibility unmatched by any physical venue.

How does it work?

Audiences can drop in from across the world to visit several ‘venues’ via Zoom. It can house anything you’d like, from a showcase of artists to a live interactive performance. Each participant can showcase their work through webcams across the country, the world or even universe (depending on their wifi connection).

No idea is too big.

What does it look like?

An example from our Brick Moon launch, curated by theatre director Rhiann Jeffrey.


How can I take part?

Sign up for our newsletter to hear about the latest events. Once you’re in, you’re just a zoom meeting away from your next big adventure.

An industrial ship with neon text 'The Dock' above, floating in space

How can I use Brick Moon for my organisation?

We are keen to partner with international organisations to use Brick Moon to offer unique multi-site programming and perspectives. There are many opportunities to meet organisational aims through this innovative new platform.

For example, if you’re in tourism, Imagine virtual workshops with overseas attendees, while being able to follow a mountain guide up the Wicklow Mountains, and then hop across to experience a traditional fry-up being cooked in a hillside cottage. All at the same time, in different Brick Moon venues. It’s certainly a delight for the senses!


If you’d like to host your own event on Brick Moon, we’d love to hop on a call and explore your ideas.